Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Deep-Down Inside...

:: reaching out. reaching from within :: 
watercolors. acrylic inks. 

This is a very personal painting, I wish to share with you. 
Created during an ongoing Flare -Up caused by Fibromyalgia. 
 As I struggle through my days, with wide body pain... 
I reach for my paints as a means of escape. 
Honestly...when I am in this much pain, 
I am not thinking about my color pallet, theme, or what message I am trying to reveal...
I just let it flow.
As I pull myself back, and look at the painting...
I see beautiful, bright colors and a peaceful look upon her face. 
So, I asked myself this question...
How could anyone paint while they are in such great pain,
such a face of beauty, peace, and pure raw contentment...?

I dug deep. 
I reached further than the pain, that was in front of me.