Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Big Buzz In Blogland- what others are excited about!

Word is... no sewing. no binding. 
If you got duct tape and a rubber band, you can make a journal!

 As I visit some of my favorite blogs, I've noticed a theme here. 
They are getting excited over duct tape and creating these incredible journals.
Inspired by Diana Trout.
Learn how to create your very own here.
I will admit...these are fast, fun, and easy to create.

:: duct tape journal ::
Inspired to create your very own...?

Don't stop here, check out these artists' duct tape journals too!


  1. I've heard the lastest buzz too about duck tape journals and it is on my "to do" list of things to do!!! Yours look awesome!!!

    1. Hello Karenann :]
      You will love this art journal project, enjoy!!

  2. This looks intriguing and your journal looks so good. Thanks for the link to the technique video.

    1. Hello Jackie
      Yes, you would enjoy creating one, was so fun to make. "FUN, FUN, FUN!!" :]
      Just can not stop with one... you will want to make more!

  3. Just started making one today. I'm not as fast as others with this, but I like taking my time with it!

    1. Hip, hip... hooray! :]
      DO TAKE PICTURE, would love to see...
      Have fun, Karenann ~xx

  4. Cute April...I've been reading a great deal about binding and finding some really cool methods for binding hand-made books and journals..duct tape..the end all do all! Whoda thunk it? LOL Thanks for sharing!My favorite hand made one came from a video I watched made my Teesha Moore..its been the easiest and quickest sister also finds some sort of binding book tape that is made for it and its like material...very cool stuff!

    1. Hello Debbie
      Aww... thanks! :]
      Teesha Moore, yes... she is great!! Are you talking about the 16 page journal video?
      Super cool, book binding tape... now that sounds like something I could use.
      Where, oh where did your sister purchase hers??
      Enjoy your visit ~xx

  5. stunning! (and thanks for the link)

  6. I've been seeing these all around Blogland. Very cute and kind of project!

  7. Your duct tape journal looks beautiful, April! Thanks for the link up. These are super fun, and I even got my mom hooked!