Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Plain Truth.

:: face it ::
It is not always easy to come to terms...
 to look at the truth, dead square in the eye!
It takes courage...
to tell yourself, I will not take this laying down. 
The plain truth is... no one should.

I painted this piece 
after spending, much needed time evaluating my efforts, 
plans, goals, and just how far have I "really" come?
:: facing the truth ::
Is not always easy, nor is it gentle to side with at times. 
In reality, we all have to come to terms...
As for me 
these are the questions hanging over my shoulders-
What I am spending my time on? 
 What value do I hold with time?
Wish to paint more,why do I get distracted?
Keep quality not quantity readers, followers, and FB friends.
Where do I find and group together others who follow this same passion?
How does the "starving artist" support their creative habit? 

:: In all honesty :: 
I can not be every where, on the internet, and create artful work.
Can I round-up all of this networking and have it all in one place?
A safe place for all to gather? 
A place of support, encouragement, and where inspiration is offered?

The plain truth is... Yes I can!