Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Plain Truth.

:: face it ::
It is not always easy to come to terms...
 to look at the truth, dead square in the eye!
It takes courage...
to tell yourself, I will not take this laying down. 
The plain truth is... no one should.

I painted this piece 
after spending, much needed time evaluating my efforts, 
plans, goals, and just how far have I "really" come?
:: facing the truth ::
Is not always easy, nor is it gentle to side with at times. 
In reality, we all have to come to terms...
As for me 
these are the questions hanging over my shoulders-
What I am spending my time on? 
 What value do I hold with time?
Wish to paint more,why do I get distracted?
Keep quality not quantity readers, followers, and FB friends.
Where do I find and group together others who follow this same passion?
How does the "starving artist" support their creative habit? 

:: In all honesty :: 
I can not be every where, on the internet, and create artful work.
Can I round-up all of this networking and have it all in one place?
A safe place for all to gather? 
A place of support, encouragement, and where inspiration is offered?

The plain truth is... Yes I can!


  1. Another great face, April. She has such character and I love her hair!
    Lots of helpful thoughts to ponder. Thank you.

    1. Hello Jackie
      THANK YOU! ~xx
      Enjoy your visit here... :]

  2. Another wonderful face. And 'yes I can' is a great motto! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      Yes, it is... isn't it ?!! :]
      Thank you for your encouragement. ~xx

  3. I was getting a bit worried until I got to the bottom! YES YOU CAN!! And I hope I am one of those quality readers and know I love ya girly and here for you. We all ask ourselves those same questions you are asking and I love your honesty here..also love the true passion you put into your work. Here is my problem...I am the only income in my household and my day job has nothing to do with art. While I LOVE my job it does not pay well enough to pay my bills so thank goodness for the kind folks who compensate me for photos I take and things of that nature. Gifts I call them...but that schedules are insane and i find myself in order to do what my soul most calls for...making art and putting things together between the hours of 9pm and wake up exhausted and go to work and do it allover again I am having a real struggle balancing professional life with my art life. I know this much as my plain art would probably never pay the bills, but without it I am as good as dead just like I would be without my income to pay the bills...true artist do it because they have to ..not to have because their soul wont let them be if they dont...I read a quote the other day that rang so true to me it said..."Art is a jealous mistress" I couldn't believe how much I related to that. I feel envious of people who are able to be home and when I get off work I sign on to FB or my blog and see all the beautiful things their allotted to make in a day and I am just getting off work with only a couple of hours to spare. I sure need that place you speak of..where there is friendliness and support and safety in lots of plain truths...I look forward to being there if you will have me my dear friend. xo

    1. Hello Debbie
      This comment to posted, really touched me... you wet deep, deep into my soul! ~xx
      Yes, you know you are welcome to come along, join me... I would be delighted & honored indeed.
      Also, I absolutely LOVE THIS QUOTE, " art is a jealous mistress"- so true. :]
      Thank you for sharing.
      Adore your honesty & friendship.
      Looking forward, to having you by my side, as we walk along this artful journey! <3

  4. I'm asking myself all those very same questions right now, April. I was just discussing these things with a shop owner at my art reception last night. I'm discouraged over my low enrollment in my art journaling classes, I haven't found time to paint canvas, etc., etc. Breathing deep and forging ahead isn't working anymore. I know I have to redirect my efforts, rethink my goals. Ask myself the tough questions. I wish I could sit with you and some of our other wonderful online blogging community members and brainstorm with each other over a warm beverage and a heap of chocolate.

    1. Hello Angelia
      It is a big relief to know, I am not the only one thinking & feeling this way.
      Thank you so much for opening your heart, sharing your thoughts with me. ~xx
      I agree... it would be a pure delight, to chat online, with a "close" trusting community of like-minded creative others. :]
      I am so close to opening the doors to this idea, I can taste it!!!
      Looking forward to sharing it with you, and all who wish to join.
      Enjoy your visit, things are going to get exciting... I am hoping inspiration will be bursting at the seams!! ((LOL))

  5. I love this post April. Strongly resonating for me at this moment. My 'day' job is occupying way too much time and energy with virtually no reward, just money. Working on overcoming some mental hurdles to restore my soul to my true passions and drives. I will never give up.
    I love the faces you've been showing, they are awesome!! Onward dear one... <3

    1. Hello Gabrielle! :]
      Thank you, you are so right.
      I've been in that place, it felt as if my soul was dead...
      Stay true to your passions, my friend.
      Such a dear soul to share your heart with me ~xx

  6. Somehow my comment didn't get posted. Sometimes it gets posted twice and now not at all. The internet is NOT my friend at times. Anyways, there are a lot of things that I have to take a good look at about my art and my life. I'm getting older fast and I want to figure out what I want to do with what time I have left. I know I can't get a "job", but what else. I know it has to include art, but there are times I just want to throw all my supplies out the window and be done with it! Luckily it's hard to throw anything out my window. There are times I don't have any inspiration, or everything I try looks awful. I compare myself to my favorite artists who seem so confident, etc. Well, I'm working on a piece right now and I'm totally blocked. So I'm on the internet and waiting for the wash to get done. Maybe something will hit me, just not too hard!!!LOL

    1. Hello Karenann! :]
      You are a beautiful soul. ~xx
      It is good to know, I am not alone with these thoughts...
      My wheels are spinning, there has got to be a way.
      Or, at least to make enough to keep purchasing art supplies, to make art.
      Wishful thinking... ((LOL))

  7. This face is BEAUTIFUL. You have captured some anxiety in her eyes, but like you she will rise above them.
    Making art is very important, but so is keeping up with what others are doing. Other artists are so inspirational and I think we all need each other. There would be no point in us posting regularly on our blogs, if nobody ever visited or left a comment.

    Keep going, but when you need to take a rest, that's fine ...we all need a break from time to time.

    Have a good Sunday doing just what you want to pressures and if what you have to do is too much, then take a step back...there is always tomorrow.
    By the way, thank you for your amazing comments on my blog, I really appreciate them

    1. Hello Sue
      Such wonderful advice, such thoughtful comments... THANK YOU! ~xx
      I agree, as creative souls we need each other for support, encouragement & inspiration. :]

  8. It sounds like you might have something interesting in the works, April! Can't wait to see what you are brewing up. I love the face you share in this post. Beautiful!

    1. Hello Andria
      YOU BET!! :]
      Exciting things are coming up... heheehheee
      Enjoy your visit. ~xx

  9. Beautiful face with a lovely juicy background! I can really relate to what you're saying here, it's hard to find a balance and I'm struggling with it every single day. And so are lots of others. You're making me curious about what you have in mind ☺ ♥