Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Lovely Links

Enjoy your visit...and these delightful links.
:: recap of the week ::
Sprout # 11 - NOW AVAILABLE - the PLAYFULNESS issue.
(read my interview)

 I've got Mail-Art -The Art Journal Cards.
:: Thank you :: 
(Will post pictures from the trade next week, be on the look out!)

I am participating in 29 Faces in September .
(I have not given up, on catching up)

Terrie Purkey over at Creative Explorer 
asked me if I was willing to participate in the Millennia Mail Art Project .
Honored to do so! 
 Five-layer artwork, created my five talented artist. 

:: Exciting News ::
My Husband and I, are leaving out of town this weekend, 
to look at a house... we just might be calling home!
The idea of building our home has changed, so we are house hunting.
:: WISH ME LUCK! ::  
(I will take plenty of pictures to share with you all, when I get back.)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks, April. it wouldn't be Friday without these posts!
    Not sure I like the wriggling snake wreath, but I guess Halloween is coming up!

    1. Hello Jackie
      Awww... Thanks! :)
      Enjoy your visit here, I know the snake wreath is a bit creepy... but "crafty" at the same time. (LOL)
      Take care ~xx

  2. Thanks again for sharing the lovely links, I'm off to have a look. Glad you week was so successful, and good luck with house hunting! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      Your very welcome, love the company... Enjoy! ~xx
      Thank you for wishing us luck, we could use some. :)

  3. You have the best links. Well, except for that ssssssnake wreath...but I'm covering my eyes when I look that way. Happy Househunting!

    1. Hello Cat
      Thank you!! :)
      Enjoy your visit... Sorry about the snakes, but it is the season for spooky! (LOL)
      A hunting we will go... Thanks for the positive thoughts ~xx

  4. Good luck with house hunting, that's exciting:)
    I love all the links, Cat is right - you have the best!I can't wait to go thru them tomorrow, relaxed! that raw art looks AWESOME!...have a great weekend and thank you thank you thank you always for your kind words and comments! FranT xo

    1. Hello Fran
      Awww.... Thanks, you are sweet!
      It is wonderful to read, you enjoy your Friday visits here. :)
      Always enjoy your company.
      Take care ~xx
      You are my watercolor super-hero!!

  5. Have a great time this weekend.. I'll be praying the right house speaks to you both.. like it did for us... exciting.. keep me posted! hugs and love to you! xo bonitarose

    1. Hello Bonita!! :)
      Prayers are always appreciated, THANK YOU ~xx

  6. Loved your article in Sprouts!!! Great job!

    1. Hello Karenann
      Thank you, dear friend!! :)
      You are always very supportive, ALWAYS! ~xx

  7. Good luck with your house hunting! I've watched tons of shows on buying houses on HGTV! Hope you find just the right one for both of you quickly and easily!

    1. Aww... THANK YOU! ~xx
      Such loving thoughts, your very thoughtful. :)