Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hunt.

:: house hunting ::

There is so much to consider when deciding where you wish to live...
A place you want to call home. 
These photos are but a few, of the houses we considered, 
were worth being looked at.
We both want some space... room to breathe... and plenty of windows.
 Everyone of these houses 
had something we absolutely adored and a few things we could do without.
As we move out of California to get away from the fast-pace of the city life, 
noise, the over populated areas and of coarse the pollution...
we are sticking firm to our desire of having some space
with plenty of peace and quiet. 
This is only the beginning, of several more trips to the Pacific Northwest, 
before we make our final decision.

Then the real work of packing begins!
Honestly, I am not looking forward to that part of the move.


  1. They all look so beautiful! Hope you find the house you are looking for! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      Thank you! :]
      We are still looking... keeping the faith.

  2. All the houses look beautiful! So peaceful and pretty!!! I wouldn't look forward to packing either. We've moved very little, so I didn't have to go through all the hassle. There was a time when we put all our belongings in the back of a 57 Chevy Station wagon and drove down here to live! Those were the days (before I go into crafting!!!)

    1. Hello Karenann
      Love it, you are so cute... I feel the same way, don't know how much I will leave behind, when it comes to my art supplies!!

    2. nothing! leave no art supplies behind! leave furniture that you want to kick every time you pass it...leave any bad memories and just go! Love the second place..I dream of one day living in a house...been apartment living for so long its literally been well over 20 years since i have lived in a house..while that is not in my future anytime soon I certainly dream of it...a porch where I can have old Amish rocking chairs or a swing...lots of space and country..I want to hear roosters in the morning...plenty of trees for shade and lots of pine...and even just a basement...spare bedroom....nook or SHED for the love of God...for an art studio...aahhh....make it fun!Wish I could look for a house!

  3. Moving is such a huge job especially when it's from one state to another. When we moved here I said "never again" but who knows. All the photos look good. I hope you find the perfect house for you.

    1. Hello Janet
      Yes, I agree... a "huge" job, not looking forward to doing.
      It will take awhile to find just what we wish for, keeping the faith :]

  4. Good luck with finding the right new home. Hard work, but it will be worth it in the end. J x

  5. How exciting! I love all the trees in each of your photos. I can understand your desire for open space and a bit of nature. Best of luck to you on your search!

  6. really exciting time for you ! enjoy it all and I wish all the best for you during your hunt:) I can't wait to see more photos and then THE house ;)
    Thank you thank you for your visits to my blog and the wonderful comments and support!
    I can't wait to learn more about "The Studio"
    Fran T xo

  7. So excited you're moving closer April! I hope you find the perfect house and studio space. I finally received your Journal Card late last week. It's just wonderful. Love the little pocket of goodies. Funny how mine got to you so quickly and yet yours took so long to get here...something's up with one of our postal systems! Thanks again for the trade! xx