Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Round Up- spreading art love

Who wishes
 to be 

I've been busy...
getting my hands messy with paint...
inspired to spread some love.

Life is sweet...
we are all so blessed.

To be creative people...
express ourselves freely through our artwork.

So today...
I offer up...
"spreading art love"

I've created
10 Valentine Tags

 the first 
10 people 
who wish to be
My Valentine...

post a comment on my blog
telling me what
"spreading art love" means to you
become a follower 
on my blog.

Its that easy.

remember to leave
 email address
email me
with your mailing address to me.
These Valentine's 
will be mailed out


  1. Fun idea! Spreading the art love (to me), simply means encouraging my friends to embrace/get up the nerve to make what's in their imagination come to life. We all have the need to express ourselves visually, no where does it say you *must* have a art background in order to do so. I hope to provide inspiration those friends I meet, and the internet is such a great way to share photos/resolve issues standing in their way!

  2. Spreading the love means giving unconditional love to people in your everyday life. Whether its the mailman or the clerk at the store, showing love and appreciation for their job, is a wonderful way of spreading the love.

  3. spreading the love means loving unconditionally. Loving ppl even when they don't deserve it. Loving them even tho they don't meet our expectations. I"d love some of your valentine art.. u are so talented! hugs.. I think u hv my address! hugs
    xo love you!

  4. Spreading art Love ~ Well you have shown me that for sure!! to lift up another Artist, with words and kindness that you never will know how much it means!! ...
    Bonnie too, as she has reminded me about the word ~Affirmation!! I feel a kindred spirit, and just want to send it right back at ya!!

    -----> Art L*O*V*E* .. it makes another person smile!


  5. hi
    spreading art love means= that I really love to create almost anything to give a gifts,(handmade from the ♥) and especially my Valentine's cards, that are already sent for widows and widowers.
    I send a card for 6 years each month to them because I care ♥