Wednesday, February 19, 2014

work in progress...

art book 
designed with coffee stained paper, layered paint, joint compound applied for distinct texture,and inked stenciled patterns... all coming together to create this book. 
This art book project has been inspired from a recent "Paper Ephemera Project/Swap" 
I Hosted for our artist community here- The Studio
Once we received our paper goodies, we were to create something from the collection, which the prior artist had treasured.
This project has been time consuming, I will admit. 
Applying layer upon layer, on such delicate book pages... can be a challenge all it's own. 
Patients must be practiced during the different stages of the layering. 
The last part of the journey has arrived... binding everything together to create the art book. 

Wish me luck!!
I will post more on the art book completed and bound together. 

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