Wednesday, February 12, 2014

form a heart shape

:: art project ::
Molding heart shapes, apply texture, and adding paint for color...melts my heart away!
These delightful heart ornaments, started out as an experiment... 
I was curious to work with join compound and see if I could create the look and feel of 
potter's clay. Great experience. Love the texture. 
First I molded several heart shapes using aluminum foil.
Applied layers of tissue paper and matte medium to secure the application.
(allow drying time) 
Follow up with applying an all purpose joint compound found at a hardware store. 
Added layers of craft acrylic paint.
There will be ruff areas from the compound which can be sanded down, using a small piece of sandpaper.
Using cardboard for the backing (painted ahead of time) the wire and heart were then glued on by applying E6000®-Craft-Adhesive

enjoy a little heart art today!

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