Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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:: transparency ::
Definition of - Transparency (behavior)
Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.
Researchers at University of Oxford and Warwick Business School found that transparency can also have significant unintended consequences. 
Why choose this word for such a spread… 
because I think It takes a lot of "GUTS" to put it out there for the whole world to see, what I can only describe with; paint, paper, and typography.
Do you see it? I do. 
Lay upon layer and yet, you can "STILL SEE THROUGH" the image… 
this art journal page, is a reflection of "ME". 
Who I am.
Where I came from. 
What I have left behind. 
The progress I have made. 
I like where I am right here & now.
Honestly, if you have been a long time follower/reader you know that there have been several life changing assurances. 
I have continued to keep all my dedicated readers in the loop, while continuing my artful journey.
I have created an online artist community (group) here -
As the administrator I have developed a supportive online community of artistic people who all share a common interest; ART. 
This group is for all creative people, who wish to express their artistic abilities freely without judgment.
To create friendships along side with others who are also on an artistic journey.  
The mission of this group is to create positive, productivity through the art world "together". 
The support, encouragement, respect, and love that the group has for one another is 

This group is here for you and you are all welcome to join! 
I understand that not everyone has an account with Facebook, for reasons that you do not need to explain to me. 
As I have stated in these Blog posts:
By the end of 2012, I was in search of building friendships with artistic people.
To encourage and have supportive artist's, to whom I could call "friends".
This has been achieved.
I am ** BLESSED ** and honored to be surrounded by such talented, loving, supportive, and encouraging people… It amazes me EVERY DAY!!
Everyone "shows up" and ** ART **  is the main subject. Drama has NO PLACE HERE.  

I also, have been "creatively" productive. 
Handcrafting ::art dolls:: from repurposed materials. 
You will find them available in my Blog Shop here - 
These dolls are carefully crafted, consuming a lot of my time and skills. 
Once again, I am reminded… of the challenges that I face, because of my chronic illness.

Where does this leave my readers ?? GREAT QUESTION. 
I don't have an answer. A solution, perhaps.
Can not be everywhere at once. I am here now. 
** when I am present I give myself, and give it all ** 

Where does this leave me… TRANSPARENT.


If you are only here, because you wish for me to stop on by your Blog… 
you know… scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. What is your point?

If you are just scrolling down the the column to get to the end, next… 
without truly reading what is here… Why? 

If you have wondered where have I been? Am I okay? Then you should have asked.

I have come to realize something in a very short time, it is not me who needs to ask these questions to myself… 
I am giving you everything I got. ~xx
here and now.

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