Monday, May 13, 2013

Flower Power...

:: collage ::
flowers arranged by elements.
During the month of May I am focusing on flowers.
 I am hosting an :: art challenge :: within our FB group 

These days... I am finding that my "break time" is my art time.
** Yes **
Everything is finally coming together here, our move that is.
In case you did not know or were unaware, 
my Husband and I 
have been planning for awhile, to move out of California. 
It has taken ruffly 3 years of planning.
Honestly, it still feels like there is ** many ** things left unanswered. 
The unsettled feeling of the unknown...
Stepping out of the comfort zone... 
Trying to live comfortably, while everything is turned upside down. 
Managing my Fibromyalgia; some days I am frozen in pain. 
** I know... take a deep breath! ** 
 I do. 
and when I get the chance, I spend it the best way I know how to...
drawing, painting, and simply making colorful art. 

There is a light at the end of this tunnel.
** Excitement **
We have made arrangements for our trip. 
Contacted our realtor and house hunting we will go... I can not wait... 
A new studio space for me too!! 
More space. More light. More windows. 

I wish to share it all with you, my readers. Do follow along...  
 I will be taking you on my trip to
The house hunting and all the in-between...ENJOY.

** plane leaves Thursday **