Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Washi did you make...?

:: fabric tape ::
Tons of it too!
Oh, how exciting...
these could be used for art journal pages, 
small treasures to be given to artful friends, to decorate a gift, or use to embellish a tag.  
Endless possibilities.
This was fun and very easy to make.
Wish to create your very own?

You will need
masking tape
wax paper 
scraps of fabric
paintbrush (to apply glue)

Apply strips of masking tape to wax paper.
With paintbrush, coat tape with Mod-Podge. (apply an even coat)**
** not too thick or thin
Lay fabric down and use an old credit card to smooth out any wrinkles.
Once it is COMPLETELY DRY, cut into strips. 
Now you have washi tape too!