Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday - How do you wish to sparkle?

How do we...what make us...
can we always...?
photo by
Meg Brooke

Just a thought that came to mind...
 while I was reflecting on how to answer this question.
I do not believe it is something that can be bottled up.
Pulled off the shelf when needed...
taken in small doses...
given only when needed.
This word makes me smile!

What do
 I wish
 with this word...
To bring that "sparkle" that is within me out into the world.
Give and you shall receive!
To sparkle with passion, life and color...
in hope to inspire others.
I wish
 to "sparkle" a sense of freedom...
to be myself 
for others to know it is safe for them
to be who they are ...
without placing judgement.