Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you a Lone Wolf?

Laura Hollick's
Tanya Paluso
This is a very powerful interview
which touches base with the thought of...
"Are you a lone wolf?"

It go me thinking...
Am I?
Do I tend to isolate myself in my creative world, not out of greed...
but by choice?
That I feel this is my 
"little world"
I wish for it to be created and run only be me?
Even tho...
I know as a fact...
I need and thrive with other creative souls.
power of inspiring one another!
believe...anything is possible!
As a whole...
we are equally unique...
we desire to thrive...
we are passionate about are process, creations, and progress along the way.
Can we really go through this alone?
Do you want to?
How does energy travel?
(not by itself)
How will you allow your creative energy to travel?
Hope you enjoyed the interview
It has shed new light for you...
maybe it has given you new direction...
inspired you to start your own tribe...
join one.


  1. Just great! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I know I'm a lone wolf for several reasons. Greed doesn't come into it at all. I'm an introvert and find myself really drained by social interaction - drained to the point of overwhelmed and exhausted. And, I'm very protective of myself. The less 'out there' I am, the less likely I'll be hurt. Not greed, but not necessarily healthy, either. I'm working on it. :D

  3. I believe there are times in our lives when we can nurture ourselves and be a lone wolf, and there are other times when we need the interaction of others.. to uplift us and inspire us along new paths. I feel both are necessary. xo

  4. I agree... It is a choice we make. Weather it is to protect ourself, find our deeper purpose, or just to have that inner peace. :] Some do well being the lone wolf, others need that human contact, and then there are those that enjoy the balance of both. :]