Thursday, September 4, 2014

California Trip

the state of sunshine
Blue skies, warm temperatures, and a sense of home. 
Yes, I am a native of California. She was good to me while I paid a visit.  
We can not forget about Hollywood...
beach vans, pelicans, and surf boards.
Retro boulevard signs...
the sculptor trying to get noticed: art on display. 
Back at the hotel, I was inspired to create this tiny pocket to hold stamps along with a letter a wrote to my Son who is deployed overseas.  
Feel in love with this imprint, which caught my eye on the sidewalk, entering this cafe/restaurant The Stage Cafe 
Amazing gate entrance, right? 
As my trip there to California was to see my specialist, dentist, and eye doctor... 
I still made the best of it. 
Got to visit with my youngest daughter. We had a old fashion "girl sleep-over night" 
with a movie, late night chatting, ice cream, popcorn, and of coarse chocolate! 
Took a few evening strolls, because it was 89 degrees at 9:30 pm. 
I feel less pain, my illnesses are more the warm dry climate. 

Time to get back home, 
there was something very special await! 

I can not wait to share... 

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