Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY- tissue paper art

:: child's play :: 
art in an hour

No doubt about it, life has been good to me.
The joy of grand-parenting over these summer months, has me limited to the artwork I will be producing in my studio. 
Yes, blog posts are not on a regular basis either... 
it is a "give and take" with time and energy for me. 
In the end, it is all worth it. 
As for you, my readers, please be patience. 
I am here... 
Enjoying moments like this, I know you understand. 
I decided to keep myself inspired and also share the experience with my precious 2 year old grandson. 
I am finding fun, easy, less than an hour art projects to work on together. 
Already putting plans into action for the weeks to come... I am excited! 
This art project series with be called- Art in a Hour 
There will be several that will consist of recyclable materials, have a home decor theme, and will be crafted using simple art techniques.
I will brake them down into hourly art tutorial steps, which I will create on my own, or have the help of little hands.
These beautiful papers are created from tissue papers. 
layer upon layer....
cutting up shapes and applying Mod-Podge (watered down) between each layer of tissue papers. 
Once dry, it becomes transparent paper. 
 tissue paper art
delightfully easy to craft.

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