Tuesday, April 23, 2013

story board- journal spread

:: level 6 ::
I am often asked this question," How do you feel today ? "
 I am a level 6
 (level six is on good day, which comes rarely) 
Interesting that I have to describe myself by a number...
 if you have ever been treated for pain, you are familiar with seeing this chart. 
I suffer from chronic pain, daily. 
The doctors can not get a handle on it!
 They can not find a solution, by "masking" the systems.
I am highly sensitive to medication, so treatment is difficult. 
How do I distract myself from suffering on a day to day bases ?? 
I let the story be told...
pull out the paints, collect my thoughts, and piece together what I wish to convey. 
 The base of this journal spread is created on a story board, layers of acrylic paints,
modeling paste, and stencils-(for background effect). 
say hello to level 6... how are you feeling today?