Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The After Glow...

:: day after Christmas ::
Is one of my favorite days of the year.
 Usually, the house is stuffed with left over feast food, 
pie, and homemade goodies to snack on... well into the New Year.
All is calm... 
The stress of the Holidays has come to pass.
Memories were made 
reflecting upon how blessed I am is always a treasure.
Today was a day of rest, for me as well.
I spent most of the day wrapped up in my electric blanket.
( words can not express, just how much I adore my blanket! )
As I look outside my bedroom window... the storm has passed.
 It had rained all night, and once again... the clouds made room for the sun to appear.
We have been having some unusually cold nights here in Southern California. 
Down into the low 30 degrees-Fahrenheit.
I also, wanted to share with you... my latest Madonna painting.
 The last artful project, of my series, for this Christmas.
Honestly, for me... this was a wonderful experience,
 incorporating the Madonna paintings into this Holiday season. 

Enjoy the after glow!