Friday, December 17, 2010

GIVEAWAY - enter to win a bag full of goodies collected from my studio


 I couldn't think of any better way to start off the New Year... 
than to share some goodies with others
 who enjoy to be creative too.
From my art studio... to yours!

3 "goodie bags"
3 lucky winners

Wait it gets better...!!!!
2 of the lucky winners 
will receive 
a set of greeting cards / envelope included
created by the very talented artist
Bonnie Rose

I'm Bonnie Rose Kempenich of A Life Unrehearsed. I am an artist, passionate blogger, writer, amateur photographer, and card designer - living my best life right now in Fargo, ND. I am growing as an artist, experimenting with new mediums and playing with bright and bold color. Bright colors just make me happy! I am a big believer in sending real mail, the warm fuzzies kind of mail. I too am hosting my very own Mail Art Swap on my blog, come and visit! My goal for this New Year is to grow more as an artist, and to inspire you with my art and my writings. I have so much in store for you! 

You can read more about my life and art on my blog. I am a prolific blogger - meaning there is always something new and wonderful to share every day. Please come visit my Etsy shop for unique artist supplies, original art, and graphically designed greeting cards. A portfolio of my creations can be found on my Flickr page here. You can find me on Facebook here. Custom art and card design orders are always welcome! Wishing you all a fabulous New Year filled with dreams come true!

answer these 4 questions
  1. What talents do you have?
  2. What activates your creative energy?
  3. What time of the day are you most receptive to inspiration?
  4. What element (water,wood,fire,air) draw you toward them?
Post your answers on my blog*
Giveaway ends
January 1, 2011


*remember to leave your contact information